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Stefan Salvatore ([personal profile] immoderation) wrote in [community profile] cauldrons 2016-06-02 03:57 am (UTC)

[ Stefan is tall and slender but obviously muscular beneath his quidditch robes. The ideal build for a Chaser. He's assured victory on the pitch for Slytherin on more than one occasion by being able to help rapidly score enough points to negate the inherent advantage that catching the Snitch creates for the other team.

Today's session is focused on improving maneuverability at high speeds and Stefan has spent the last hour and a half dodging Bludgers left and right. It's absurd how he has no trouble playing in a match in front of a noisy screaming crowd but the lone presence of quiet, unassuming Elena Gilbert is wreaking all kinds of havoc on his ability to concentrate. There's a couple of different times where he's almost unseated off his broom because he's too busy sneaking a peek in her direction to find out if she's actually watching.

But fortunately, his impressive dexterity pulls through for him and practice doesn't end with him getting sent off to the hospital wing. ]

Hey. Thanks for waiting.

[ He offers her a tentative smile once he emerges from the locker room, freshly showered and back in his school uniform. ]

If you're not too cold already, I was thinking that we could take a walk down by the lake.

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