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meet me at my window

[ In the wizarding community, the name Salvatore is practically synonymous with Slytherin. So it comes as no surprise when the youngest son and heir apparent of one of Britain's oldest and most celebrated pureblood families is promptly sorted and joins his brother at a table decked in green and silver to the sound of thunderous applause. It's only Damon that casts furtive, worried glances his way throughout the night. Neither boy shares their father's prejudiced ideology but as the elder son, Damon had already tried stepping up to the plate long ago, pledging himself to a cause he doesn't believe in, in order to spare his brother the atrocities of the coming war. But when that leathery old hat first settles to rest on Stefan's head, its obvious desire to put him into Ravenclaw (like his mother before him) is outmatched by Stefan's own staunch determination to follow in Damon's footsteps. And Giuseppe, who has always clearly favored Stefan, couldn't be more proud. ]
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[ ooh, that's a tough question.

in truth, what elena likely needs is another demonstration. then there's what her girlhood wants, and it's the former. she clears her throat.
] I think ... in this case I might need a more hands on approach? For observational purposes.

[ for science. ]
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[ it's a helpless thing, but elena grows impossibly still as she becomes aware of their growing proximity. her head turns sideways to catch a glimpse of his face, inevitably paying more attention to it than the rock in her hand. it's only until stefan mentions her stance that elena looks forward at last, positioning herself in front of him.

her back nearly brushes his chest, but not quite.

Is it really that bad?
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Yes! [ okay, maybe that was answered too quickly.

note to self: when asked by a genteel and cute boy if something is okay, keep enthusiasm at a moderate level.

let's try this again. elena clears her throat, a dignified reply:
] You may.
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the sad thing is i rolled for this

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[ elena mentally prepared herself for this. two point five seconds is totally enough time to prepare, right? but she isn't anticipating how it will feel. so the moment stefan's hands begin to steer her in a certain direction, elena startles: the pebble springs free from her hand, sinking into the lake with nary a ripple. ]

... Oh.

I think this means I'm a hopeless case and you should probably save yourself the headache.
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[ elena's embarrassment doesn't last long. stefan carries them away from it with enviable ease, and elena's face brightens with an amused grin. her own hand rummages inside the pockets of her robes, and it's only a moment later that she lifts up a sugared butterfly wing. ]

Better yet, I'll trade you. Now you can't say I never gave you anything.
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That's true with almost anything, isn't it? [ her smile falters a bit, though she doesn't mean to turn this into a serious conversation. but once you let something go, or once it lets go of you, it's gone. ]
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[ elena pops the toffee into her mouth, allowing the honey to melt on her tongue. ]

Let's keep walking. [ she gives him a smile that's almost self-deprecating, but not quite. ] It'll help with the cold and we should probably answer at least some of these questions. I don't know about you, but I like to avoid Professor McGonagall's disapproval face.

[ you know the one. ]