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meet me at my window

[ In the wizarding community, the name Salvatore is practically synonymous with Slytherin. So it comes as no surprise when the youngest son and heir apparent of one of Britain's oldest and most celebrated pureblood families is promptly sorted and joins his brother at a table decked in green and silver to the sound of thunderous applause. It's only Damon that casts furtive, worried glances his way throughout the night. Neither boy shares their father's prejudiced ideology but as the elder son, Damon had already tried stepping up to the plate long ago, pledging himself to a cause he doesn't believe in, in order to spare his brother the atrocities of the coming war. But when that leathery old hat first settles to rest on Stefan's head, its obvious desire to put him into Ravenclaw (like his mother before him) is outmatched by Stefan's own staunch determination to follow in Damon's footsteps. And Giuseppe, who has always clearly favored Stefan, couldn't be more proud. ]
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[ in the spirit of school unity, is what they said.

the experiment is tentative and the first of its kind, but most of the higher ups have hopes that it will prove fruitful. the insularity, and at times downright animosity, between houses has been nothing if not alarming. steps are now being taken to rectify the situation before it gets (further) out of hand. they are all a part of hogwarts, regardless of the colors they champion, and their professors intend to encourage inter-house friendships. it's now included as a part of their curriculum.

elena doesn't know stefan salvatore. she knows of him and his brother, the now death eater, because who doesn't?

she's the only one of her friends who was paired up with a slytherin, and all of them made faces when that little tidbit was revealed. elena has never told anyone that it was suggested she belonged in slytherin. if it wasn't for the hat taking their own desires into consideration, elena would be donning a green scarf instead of purple.

they've agreed to meet up after stefan's quidditch practice, so elena is sitting by the bleachers, admittedly curious as she watches him.

oh no, he's cute.
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