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carolιne ғorвeѕ ([personal profile] coy) wrote in [community profile] cauldrons 2016-10-22 06:14 am (UTC)

[ in typical caroline forbes fashion, she's at the pitch about fifteen minutes early, sitting in the stands as the ravenclaw team wraps up their practice session, slowly filtering out of the stadium. just as she knew they would. ( when it comes to quidditch, she's loyal to her house and she wouldn't ever let slytherin's best chaser catch sight of the ravenclaw's team practice, even if they were rubbish this year, that wouldn't be good form). the next team isn't mean to use the field until well after five (caroline checked).

she adds the finishing touches to her defense against the dark arts paper before shutting it in her book and leaning back against the bleachers. she shivers just a little against infrequent gusts of wind, pulling her school cloaks around her a bit better as she glances over to see if she can see stefan heading her way. finding places to meet wasn't getting any easier, especially as the school year progressed and more and more couples were trying to find private places to snog.

inner-house relationships were still more common than not but there were a few intermingling couples that needed a place to rendezvous since their common rooms were off limits. not that snogging was on her agenda today. ]

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