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[ caroline has to admit that any time she sees stefan, she feels... well, it's difficult to describe. she feels breathless and warm, she feels her heart flutter and a different sort of flutter, if you know what i mean. so basically... young love. it's not exactly romeo and juliet but it isn't so simple, dating him.

sure, the tensions between the houses aren't quite so thick as they have been in the past, he's still a slytherin and worse, he's from the salvatore family. there's always been whispers of the darker allegiances and pure blood mania that come with being a slytherin and yes, a salvatore. her father had been from one of the older wizardry families, a long line of distinguished ravenclaws, her mother was a muggle. a police constable who'd raised her since she was ten years old, when her father had died serving the ministry.

stefan was different, she'd known from the moment she watched that hat lay on his head. she'd known in all of their classes together, she'd known it when they'd both been named prefects and had spent time together, feelings of attraction burgeoning into something more.

her smile widens as she watches him ascend the stands to get to her.]
Happy Friday.

[ as soon as he's settled, she grabs him by the scarf, tugging him right to her lips for a kiss because she's gone all day without. however it is a brief-ish one.] Your owl bit me, by the way. [ she smooths his scarf back out and reaches up to muss his hair just as she likes it.]

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