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carolιne ғorвeѕ ([personal profile] coy) wrote in [community profile] cauldrons 2016-11-26 04:49 am (UTC)

[ if caroline is a temporary distraction, she is quite effective in her attempts to distract him. she managed to snag his attention and hold it, despite his father's reservations, despite the fact they are from different houses. and she doesn't seem to mind any of it, at least not outwardly so. unfortunately, the tension between their families means that holidays with their families are non-existent even if her own father is more tolerant than his.

either way, she grins when she feels him shiver at her touch, it's the good sort of shiver, after all. and when he makes the heavy suggestion, she stays smiling, humming softly.]
Oh, I don't think you can write my Potions paper any better than I can. [ as if that's what he's suggesting even if she knows that's not it at all.

she steals another kiss before her hands move to steal one of his and pull it into her lap, just to hold.]
No, I still need to find that last bit before I can turn it in. Will you come with? Or do you have some kind of boys night in planned?

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