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Stefan Salvatore ([personal profile] immoderation) wrote in [community profile] cauldrons 2016-11-26 06:11 am (UTC)

[ their fingers lace comfortably together and stefan glances briefly off to one side to hide a smirk at her first remark. ]

of course i'll come with you. [ even if he had something planned he might have reconsidered it. they're not one of those annoying couples that has to spend every waking moment together but he's seldom one to turn down an opportunity to spend more time with her, especially considering they are from different houses which rather limits their interactions throughout the week. slytherin and ravenclaw only share potions, transfiguration, and defense against the dark arts this year. and one of those is on a completely different day of the week from the others. this is their first year of n.e.w.t.-level courses too so even the majority of their free periods are full of actual studying. ]

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