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[ a cue a little owl delivery. ]

meet me at the quidditch pitch at 3.


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[ giuseppe barely approves of their relationship; in fact, it would be more accurate to say that he only grudgingly tolerates it. while the forbes are an old wizarding family, with a lineage dating back almost as far as the salvatores, they also have a long history of aligning with (even marrying) muggles and other so-called "undesirables." caroline herself is proof of that, being only a half-blood with a fully muggle mother. at the end of the day, stefan could not care less about anyone's blood status but he knows that his father views girls like caroline more as temporary distractions than marriage material. if giuseppe had his way then stefan would almost certainly be getting on with somebody like rebekah mikaelson instead. ]

i'm sorry. [ stefan murmurs as their lips part, eyes closing with contentment while she toys with his hair. it's the simplest of actions but it feels almost sinfully good, sending a shiver rippling down his spine which has nothing to do with the weather. ] i'm sure i can find some way to make it up to you later. [ the corner of his mouth quirks a bit as he says it. while an innocuous enough statement on its own, his tone is laced with an undeniable suggestion. ]

which, speaking of later. were you still planning on going back to the library tonight or did you find what you needed?
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[ their fingers lace comfortably together and stefan glances briefly off to one side to hide a smirk at her first remark. ]

of course i'll come with you. [ even if he had something planned he might have reconsidered it. they're not one of those annoying couples that has to spend every waking moment together but he's seldom one to turn down an opportunity to spend more time with her, especially considering they are from different houses which rather limits their interactions throughout the week. slytherin and ravenclaw only share potions, transfiguration, and defense against the dark arts this year. and one of those is on a completely different day of the week from the others. this is their first year of n.e.w.t.-level courses too so even the majority of their free periods are full of actual studying. ]
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just herbology. i heard we're going to be extracting snargaluff pods. [ not a terribly pleasant way to spend an afternoon but having planned an evening with her at least gives him something to look forward to on the other side of dangerous thorn-covered vines. ]