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( polly cooper was the perfect daughter.

sorted into ravenclaw to continue on with her family's impeccable lineage, she did everything right. there was no spell she could not master, no teacher she could not ingratiate herself with, and no house she could not sway. she was mrs. cooper's pride and joy. and then came jason blossom, of course.

polly cooper was the perfect daughter until she wasn't.

betty misses polly. she searches for answers with an eerie, single-minded focus that would put most ravenclaws to shame, but then, people underestimate the hufflepuff house. they are the best finders, and veronica can't help wondering when betty is going to find her way to her. if it isn't archie andrews, it's apparently jughead jones, and veronica may have changed her selfish ways since she transferred from beauxbatons academy, but she didn't get herself a lobotomy: she inwardly seethes with jealousy every time she sees betty and jughead getting closer and closer, not entirely able to do away with her territorial nature. the writing is on the wall, and veronica can't force a script change.

... well, she could, but that's not who she wants to be anymore. the veronica of old would win betty cooper's affections the underhanded way. the veronica she is now wants betty to love her in earnest, and more importantly, wants to be betty's friend in earnest. cheryl is a mess due to jason's death, and veronica has been looking after her. it's part of what gave jughead more time with her. veronica wants to remind betty that she still comes first to her, always and forever.

and so, upon learning that tomorrow is polly's birthday, veronica sets her plan in motion. betty may not be able to spend the day with her sister, but that doesn't mean polly will be unremembered. she sent betty an owl earlier in the day, asking her to meet veronica at the astronomy tower at eleven pm on the dot.

here goes nothing.

[ the sorting hat takes an almost embarrassingly long time to do its job with betty. it leafs through her open mind, flipping back and forth through the metaphorical pages of her life, weighing each of her options by 11 years of personal history and ultimately passing its judgment on her most secret thoughts and desires.

of course, her parents expect without a doubt that she will continue the family legacy and be placed into ravenclaw, exactly the same as her sister polly was just a year earlier.

it’s not that betty doesn’t feel like she’s smart enough to be in ravenclaw. her parents have been pushing her along this path practically since birth and if there’s one thing she has inherited from them it’s certainly their scholarly aptitude. but once her neighbor and childhood playmate archibald andrews is sorted into hufflepuff, betty suddenly wants nothing more than to buck tradition.

ultimately, it’s this most fervent wish that sends her scampering after him to the enthusiastic applause of her new housemates.

things don’t exactly work out with archie the way she’d always hoped they would but there’s no feeling of regret for her decision. she’s confident more than ever before that hufflepuff is where she truly belongs but betty still can’t help but look back on that moment sometimes with a feeling of curiosity over what might have been. it’s strongest after she talks to veronica, who was sorted into gryffindor despite her own family’s seemingly natural affinity for slytherin. she’s the first person that betty tells that the hat had actually considered her for gryffindor too; at the time, betty hadn’t been able to envision it but more and more these days she thinks she might at least finally understand why.

it’s funny, veronica only transferred from beauxbatons at the beginning of their 5th year but in many ways betty can barely remember what things had been like at hogwarts before she had waltzed into the great hall one night already a week into the first semester.

(she had definitely caught archie’s eye from the very beginning; betty was undeniably jealous at the time although that jealousy had eventually taken a rather surprising turn over the last year, as it had slowly become veronica’s attentions that betty craved instead. whatever her more recent thing with jughead is, it is first and foremost a distraction from feelings she thinks she shouldn't have for her dark-haired best friend).

that morning at breakfast, ronnie’s beautiful owl had swooped down to deliver a note between her rather half-hearted spoonfuls of cinnamon oatmeal. polly’s birthday is rapidly approaching; it’s the first time that her sister won’t be here for her to celebrate it with. the clandestine meeting that veronica has arranged is at least something to look forward to so she goes about her day with it tucked into the pocket of her robes, where she can reach down and stroke the uneven edges of the parchment paper whenever she starts to think too much and become upset.

since they’re both prefects of their respective houses, it’s not at all unusual for them to be seen out of bed this late at night, patrolling the corridors. therefore, it’s relatively easy for her to sneak up to the astronomy tower as requested, where she waits quietly in the shadows for the other girl to arrive. ]